New method to improve height

There is no denying the fact that having an ideal height is a benefit not only in the daily life but also in business. There are many people whose height is quite limited which make them unconfident every time they have to contact with others. Many of them even get several troubles due to owning a limited height. For instance, if a short person lost in a crowd, it is very hard to find him. best insoles for standing all day


It does raise a question: how can the people with limited height improve their pitch? There are a lot of methods to make a person look higher such as cosmetic surgery, taking functional food or taking advantages of insoles. Cosmetic surgery can be hurtful, expensive and hazardous. Taking functional food takes a long time to show its effects on your body and has harmful side-effects sometimes. Therefore, the best solution for people having limited height is insoles because it is cheap, convenient, safe and good for our health, especially for improve the height. The color as well as the size of insoles is various which are designed to be suitable for everybody at every age. In these following parts, I will mention about how to choose the right insole for your shoes.

Colors of Insoles

There is a sea of color out there that you can choose to buy. However, some tips you should note before deciding pick some insoles home are that you can choose your favorite color but if that color does not match with your shoes, it will be a big problem. Because it will make the whole outfit unfashionable; the person wearing that even feel unconfident. So the most important note when you buy insoles is that you should choose which one has the color similar with the color of your shoes or at least the insoles color can be matched with the shoes one fashionably.

Forms of Insoles

Besides the diversity of color, the form of insoles used to improve height is abundant and divided into two types. The first type has its length equal to half of your foot. The remaining one has its length equal to the total length of your foot. So what kind is better? The first type can be directly put in socks or shoe sole. By this way, rapidly, you improve your height secretly; it is hard for other people to discover that you are wearing insoles. To ensure safety when moving, you are recommended to buy insoles with the height lower than 3cm.

The second type is much easier to wear due to its homogeneous block structure. When using this one, you just put it above the shoe sole and then put the shoe insole to cover it. And you are some centimeters higher than normal, and no one knows that you use the insoles. The second type is more popular because it is more convenient and safer.

Size of Insoles

It would be so regrettable if the scale of the insole is bigger or smaller than your shoe size. Therefore, make sure that you buy the shoes and the insoles the same size. So that the feeling of inconvenience will not come to you; you even feel much more confident when wearing suitable fitting shoe insoles.


The insole is not only diversified in form or color but also the materials. They are often produced with the materials such as: Styrofoam, Velvet, Plastic or Silicon. The different types of materials will bring different feelings and durability for users.

Plastic insoles are hard and harsh; wearing this kind of insoles in a long time can cause some diseases related to your skin. I strongly advise you not to use plastic insoles.

The insoles made from Velvet or Styrofoam is more convenient and popular thanks to soft structure. Nevertheless, the durability is not high because Styrofoam insoles will be flat after a long time in use. Therefore, Silicone is the best material because it converges all good quality such as soft, durable and convenient.


You absolutely can own insoles with the height from 1.5cm-12cm. In recent years, insoles also are designed separately, instead of a homogeneous block; it can be divided into small pieces in order to be convenient for using. You can lower the insoles by unbinding one, two or three pieces from the insoles. This kind helps to save your time and money because it is no need to by insoles with different volumes. You just buy one and use it for many types of shoes that you have. The homogeneous block insoles bring absolute safety but it is not flexible.


So these are some tips to choose good insoles. Remember to choose the shoes and the insoles in the same size; the color of the insoles must be similar to the color of the shoes. And also do not forget tips about the height and materials of the insoles.